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Monthly Archives: July 2012

unclog your drain…not the Pinterest way

You know when you are super tired and want to go to bed, but you also want to take a delectable hot shower before you do so? Yeah. me too. Except you know that time when its like…midnight, and you step in to a nice pooling of the cold water that collected when you turned the shower on, and your like FUUUUUCK!!!! I mean come on, we knew it was starting to clog a couple days ago, right? but what did we do? nothing, now, when you are tired as fuck and want to go to bed, and now your like 1/2 wet, your pissed off and you want that shit CLEAR!

So I was like whatev ill get a stupid coat hanger. Well, harharhar on me! Not a metal coat hanger in my house! So i was like ok, i saw this idea on Pinterest that people say “it like, totes works!” So I gave it a try.

So I marked

and cut my 2 liter

and cut the little catcher thingies in it
I stuck it down the drain, and gently pulled it back up, bringing little slime balls of hair with it. But then it broke in half (((FUUCK!!!))) But i thought, maybe that was enough.

I needed a metal stick thing, and I found this in my kitchen! yay!

I will cut it off at the swirly thing and straighten it our and stick it down the drain!

(yes thats an axe)
Then I was like, OHHH a whisk is thinner but still sturdy, I pulled the handle thing off, and just pulled one of the whisky things off (cause they are all individual)
shape it bend the end

Now use it as you would a coat hanger, or whatever you use to clean your drain out with,

then stick one of these things in the drain to catch all that nasty shit!

Happy Hair Hunting!