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Memory Bear

My sister is having her first baby in a month (yayyy!!), so we just had her baby shower this last weekend. Our dad passed away 2 1/2 years ago, so I thought it would be nice to get her new baby a gift that was something of grandpa’s. I found this shop on Etsy, who makes memory bears out of old shirts or fabric of a loved one. What a great way to reuse old clothing from a loved one thats just stuffed away in a box somewhere!

I chose 2 different shirts, and she sent back what she didn’t use with the bear, and from the day I mailed her the shirts to the day I received the bear, it was 10 days! It was only $20 for the bear and shipping….well hold on here add $5, because I had to ship her the shirts in the first place, but I think $25 was so well worth the lifetime this little bear will be cherished by my sister and her little boy. And lets be real, if you buy a stuffed animal from the store, your probably going to spend $15-$30 anyway!

I found a picture of my sister when she was little with my dad wearing the shirt, and I wrapped them separately, and had her open the picture first. The bear has a homemade feel, which i think adds to the charm.



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