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first post. leopard desk makeover

Ello bloggers! SUZYbandaids here! I wasn’t sure how to start my first post, so why not start with a desk re-do I finished a couple weeks ago! I’m still trying to figure out how to use wordpress, so give me a break while I work it out.

My vision was this: A creamy country white base, with bare wood drawer fronts and leopard spots on the painted part of the desk, crystal knobs and a big ornate gold mirror. I was going to use this as my hair/make-up vanity…here’s how it went

I had to rough it up a little, because the finish was old and weird, kind of hazy. I used 60 grit, because its all i had. Luckily for me, I’m an idiot, and I roughed up the drawer fronts in a circular motion (remember my plan to keep the drawers bare wood).

Once everything was sanded a little, and my drawers were ruined, it was time to slap that baby with some paint! What did I have on hand?  Flat white and high gloss Black…I mixed about 2 cups white with 1/4-1/2 cup black until I got a grey I was satisfied with, you know since I wanted creamy country white an all. I did 2 coats of grey, then sanded with 120 grit, to get it smooth like butta. Now the fun started! I headed over to Wally World and picked up some craft paint, one in champagne, and the other a bright gold, I mixed them together, leaving it somewhat swirly. I tried using a round sponge thing to make the spots, but i was getting impatient, and it looked stupid, so i started using my finger to make different size spots all over the top and sides of the desk. let that dry for ohhh 10 minutes. I came in with my glossy back and dipped my finger right in there, and made some comma and apostrophe type motions with my finger around the gold spots. Distressed the edges a bit.  Added knobs ($2 isle at michaels) and voila! this desk was done in maybe 4 hours total!

Not quite the vanity I envisioned, but I am very happy with it. What do you think?



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